Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shaadi ke pehle - HARISH's MARRIAGE!!!

There is a good news in HENNALA family!!

Our Hareesha getting married with Prithvi on 9th April 2009 at "NAMMA MANE", located near Guruvayanakere town.
"sattumuDi" will be on next day at Karki havyaka hall.
Muhurtha is at 11:14AM onwards, so we can reach the venue without hurry.

For a change and to show the symbol love,unity,all our HENNALA brothers(except madimmaya) are decided to wear same coloured dress on marriage day. This impressed another generation and another group of brothers also will wear the same!!

It will be fun-filled moments for all hennaligas.

After marriage function at NAMMA MANE, all will travel towards Karki havyaka hall by our own hired mini bus. That will be around 6-7 Hours journey.It is expected about 25 to 30 people in the bus.

Expected members for sattumudi:
MK Venugopal Bhat
Mrs.Venugopal Bhat
Narayana prasad
Mahesh Bhat
MS Bhat
Mrs MS Bhat
Sathish Bhat
Shubha Bhat
Shreyas putta
K Ishwara Bhat, Yakshamitra
Mrs Ishwara Bhat
Umesh H
Ahsa Parameshwari
BK Sharma
Master Prateek
Baby Krithika
Jaya Bharati
Satya narayana bhat
master varun
K Krishna Bhat, Hennala
Mrs Krishna Bhat
Shiva Bhat H
Shrikrishna Bhat
Ravi bhat
N Subbanna Bhat, Nerolu
Smt Sharada Bhat N
N Shankarnarayana Bhat or N Mahalinga Bhat or N Ramachandra Bhat
Ishwara Bhat Bayaadi
Master Navaneet
Baby Amruta
Roopalakshmi kolpe
Sitaram Bhat kolpe
Master Hrishikesh
Baby Vaishnavi

There will be bus again to return jorney also from HaDinbal to Upinangady mostl probably at night.

Anywaz, get ready...see you there.....


sathish said...

What about Nooji Athe & Monthimaaru Parvathi Athige ? Won't they join in the bus ? And what about Venkatanna ?

Mahesh Bhat Hennala said...

Nooji atte is doubt becasue I think there is a function at one of attige's house...I am not sure..

Montimar attige also same..but, we never know...she will also join..

VenkataNNa is free only on can't join.

sathish said...

Since Venkatanna has a holiday on thursday, hope he can at least make it to the wedding at Guruvayanakere, it is ok, if he misses the satumudi.
BTW yday I met Naresha. And thus found that Montimar athige may not be able to join as Naresha's son's Barsa is on 10th.

Hope GoldenUncle and LittleUncle can join

Mahesh Bhat Hennala said...

Hope GoldenUncle and LittleUncle can join...

Who is golden Uncle? Bangar doddapa?

Who is Little Uncle? Kittappachchi?


sathish said...

Yes you interpreted one of them correctly:-
GoldenUncle = BangaruMava
LittleUncle ~= KonchaMava since "koncha" ~= little in Tamil.